Poaching has forced African rhinos close to extinction Together we can make a difference

The fate of Africa’s Rhino grows ever more serious. A decade of onslaught from poaching has left this iconic animal teetering on the edge of extinction. Rhino Revolution UK has a mission to protect rhinos, today and for future generations – in the Greater Kruger Area, the epicentre of the poaching crisis. We believe everyone can play a role whatever their age or background. Join us.

Meet the Rhinos

Learn about the orphaned calves that have been rescued by the Rhino Revolution facility in Hoedspruit. We are proud of 'The Lucky Five' who are now living an independent, wild life as a result of our care and expertise. You can learn past histories and the developments of our current orphans. This work is enabled by your support.

What we do

Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. makes grants and raises awareness to promote, sustain and increase knowledge and understanding of endangered and threatened species. Together, wherever your home may be, we can fight against the extinction of these magnificent and iconic animals. What we do today will preserve them for future generations.

Support us

If you are reading this, you are interested and you care - please contact us and get involved!!! We welcome everyone - we are all part of the solution. All participation is valued at RR-UK. Sign up to AmazonSmile or easyfundraising.com to contribute from home or we have volunteering vacancies in IT, fundraising and education.