The rhinos

The First Crash of Five

Meet the first 5 orphaned rhino calves to successfully complete the rehab and release programme.  Each rhino has their own story to tell, each had their unique challenges to overcome.


On #worldrhinoday we would like to share with you the serenity of our calves now, post their trauma.With a lot of dedication, awareness, protection, fundraising and support internationally our babies are ready to live the rest of their life's in the wild where they should be.Keep supporting us to support them. Thankyou to all involved 🦏

Posted by Rhino Revolution on Friday, 22 September 2017

Through the efforts of dedicated staff at Rhino Revolution in Hoedspruit and the support of Rhino Revolution UK Ltd.’s volunteers all now have a second chance.


To learn more about the orphan calves see below:

Photo taken by RR rehabber Phillip Vivier.

One of our facility vet nurses, Jacky – “This is me at my current job doing what I can for the little ones left behind after the horrors of poaching. I have watched this little girl grow and find herself, leaving behind the trauma that she experienced a couple months ago, that no rhino calf should have to experience! She is one of the lucky ones that actually got found before it was too late. We need to do more to stop the senseless killing..The poaching crisis is NOT getting better, the numbers shown to the public are falsely positive. Arrests are few and far between. I hate to say it but the future looks grim for these magnificent creatures but we will continue to fight for them for as long as we can and give it our all!”