Neville Ngomane’s award winning image – “Desperate Measures.”

We fund and support a number of anti-poaching activities on private reserves in the Greater Kruger Area. This includes the provision of specialist equipment for anti-poaching.

Video filmed by Painted Dog TV

Rhino Revolution UK Ltd. also funds dehorning of rhino, including our orphans when appropriate. Although this does not provide a long-term solution, we believe it deters poaching activity, particularly when it is publicised that the reserve has de-horned its rhino.

A sponsored dog walk to fund kennels for the guard dogs at the RR facility.
In 2017, we augmented our security with the building of an on-site canine unit which now carries out daily patrols.

Uniquely, since 2012, we also use ex-racehorses for anti-poaching patrols on the Blue Canyon Conservancy, as the mounted guards can reach areas inaccessible to vehicles silently and efficiently. They can also look out for any signs of criminal intent from the elevated field of vision that horseback provides.

RR-UK has also funded the provision of bullet proof vests for the protection of APUs in the area.

Members of RR-UK had the opportunity to learn directly about some of the work and challenges of APUs during a visit to SA.