Black rhino breeding

Rhino Revolution is involved in a black rhino breeding project. A female rhino (on loan from the Pretoria Zoo) and a privately owned male rhino were released onto the Rietspruit Game Reserve. The female gave birth to a male calf inĀ  May 2017 in the wild and he is monitored and seen on a regular basis, although the female has not been tested we are hoping that she is pregnant once again. The acquisition of a further female is progressing well and we are hoping to have this finalised shortly this will help accelerate the breeding program. Apart from de-horning, security and monitoring the animals are left to fend for themselves.

After about 7-10 years we will get involved in a bull exchange with one of the neighbouring reserves to ensure DNA diversity.

We are privileged to be contributing to the survival of this rare and iconic species. All of our rhinos are dehorned and in this image you can see RR-UK trustee Glyn Abba along with the CEO of RR Phil Ovens at the dehorning of our male black rhino.